New, detailed and easy-to-use technical catalog

New, detailed and easy-to-use technical catalog

At the disposal of our network and all ALFA partners is the new, detailed and easy-to-use technical directory of Openers & Sliding systems. All gathered in a single directory, for much easier search and find the information you need. The directory-directory includes:

✅ Techniques & Construction details.
✅ Cutting dimensions.
✅ 3D illustrations.
✅ Detailed applications and component details.

And it concerns all the Opening & Sliding systems produced by our company. The new hidden leaf of the T680 as well as the minimal & amp; Hotel Line options for the T380 & T320. More details about the series:

✅ Τ680 Thermo, Τ530 Thermo, C600, C520, F450, C420 & P400 (Opening).
✅ T650 Thermo, T400 Thermo, T380 Thermo, T320 Thermo, S350, S320, S280 (Sliding)

For more information on catalog supply, please contact us by phone our center at +30 22950 98840, at our email address or with your competent seller. # Το_Αλουμίνιο_Αρχίζει_από_ALFA # Oi_Kalyteroi_Epilegoun_ALFA # PANTOU_KAI_PANTA

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